What's HerStory?


“What’s HerStory?” It’s a question I hear often when people visit my booth at vintage, art and trade shows in and around Northern California. The short and succinct answer is that HerStory is a small, home-based company offering a decidedly feminine take on handmade, vintage, up-cycled and re-purposed jewelry and fashion. The reality is that it’s hard to be so short and sweet when you are talking about your passion. And that is just what this business is to me – a passion that never feels like work. HerStory Vintage is my heart in the form of creativity. It’s a chance for me to create something that brings joy not only to me as the designer, but to those who wear HerStory Vintage with smiles on their faces.

I’ve always done my own thing when it came to fashion. From the moment I could dress myself, I began putting together unique color combinations and layering clothing and accessories in unexpected ways. As a kid, I caught more than a few raised eyebrows, as I walked by wearing vibrantly colored tights, leg warmers or more colors than any person should wear at a given time. What can I say? The eighties raised me. Some may have considered me a bit quirky, or even a bit precocious then, but as an adult, my willingness to push boundaries when it comes to style has given me the confidence and perspective to look beyond the basic to create a brand all my own.

As a fashion enthusiast and creative who is passionate about diverting materials away from landfills, I love to find unique uses for materials that might otherwise be written off as mere junk. This interest in creating something beautiful and sustainable has drawn me to mix and mingle repurposed elements and new materials to create signature designs. Old Keys, vintage chandelier crystals, time worn hardware, and hand-painted metal, among other unexpected elements, are infused with a colorful and texturally diverse array of beads to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. My hope is that they feel like love when you wear them.

I firmly believe that nothing is off limits where design is concerned. I’m a bit vintage and a bit modern, a bit glam and a bit nature girl. I’m jazz, rock, hip hop and soul, too - and all of these parts of who I am manifest themselves in my creations. I strive to create a style concept that is bold, free and utterly fearless. I love the juxtaposition between old and new, the contrast between vibrant hues and naturally patinaed metal. This balance for me is the perfect blend of feminine and masculine - where style meets function. It’s what makes accessorizing an act of love and self-care. At its best, style is an act of revolution.   

As a freelance writer by profession, I have always loved a good story. Each piece from the HerStory collection has been made with hand selected materials. created with love, and undoubtedly has its own unique tale to share with you. One powerful mantra has always resonated with my spirit and is woven into each piece in the HerStory collection: “Never ask permission to be yourself.”