Vieux Carré

New Orleans has a way of enchanting the senses.  The decadent mix of French and Spanish architecture built by African and Creole hands in the Vieux Carré is a reminder that the soul of New Orleans is a unique and flavorful roux. It's people are the same. There is immense beauty there - and a sometimes haunting sadness, too.
The warm, melodic tone of a brass band's song, second-lining its way through streets. The rounded curves and pointed edges of the wrought iron.  The stories passed down from one generation to the next. The laughter and the tears. The swell of the Mississippi River. The sweet smell of beignets and café au lait. The rhythm and the rhyme.  The spirit of resilience - not only in the people, but in the soul of the city, itself.

The Vieux Carré is filled with both mesmerizing light and centuries-old darkness. What emanates from the old square has an undeniable heir of mystère.  This collection pays homage to the essence of New Orleans and honors the toils, triumphs, and treasures it holds.