The Urban Garden

My soul has always been at home in two places simultaneously. I was born in New York City, amidst The Big Apple’s sights, sounds and lights. Even though I haven’t lived in New York City for more than 30 years, I still find myself transfixed at the sight of a skyline, stunning architecture, and the life-giving pulse of the city, itself. Having grown up in California, where the restorative calm of the sprawling landscape gives me the breathing room I need to be my best self, my soul is home, there, too. While my creativity is born in the city, it is nurtured in those breathing spaces. It’s there that I notice the flowers, the leaves, the rich periwinkle hue of the mountains and the ever-changing sky.  

It’s the dichotomy of these two places that have given me life that has been the inspiration behind this collection. It’s learning to see the beauty of nature amidst the skyscrapers and finding the architecture even amidst the flowers and trees. This collection doesn’t rely on the shine of fancy beads. It flourishes in the contrast between industrial brass and copper elements you’d find in the city and the living things you’d find in nature.

Imagine metal flowers and birds flying against the backdrop of a copper-toned building. That’s just what you’d find in an urban garden.