Plain Geometry

The first time I took Plane Geometry, I failed it miserably. I was a junior in high school and Math had never come as easily to me as English had. Maybe it was a lack of focus or the fact that I was much more interested in boys and fashion than I was in formulas and geometric shapes, but it just wasn’t a good combination. My senior year, I was left to repeat the class I had taken the previous year in hopes of trading in my “D” for a something better. With a different teacher and a renewed sense of focus, something began to click.  Formulas that seemed so complicated just a school year before became so simple. Those formulas had a function. I had always loved design and realized that understanding geometry would be a skill I could apply to real life.

This collection celebrates the plain, simplistic beauty of clean lines. It relies on the strength of geometric shapes and the magic that happens when they come together. Much like geometry, they too, are designed for practical application. Wear them for work or play - dressed up or dressed down – but when you wear them, I hope it will be a reminder that life does not have to be fancy to be fabulous. Plain Jane is still a baddie.