Denim Dreams

In my world, denim isn’t just for jeans and jackets –it’s a fabric too fabulous to be restricted to merely traditional uses. As far as I am concerned, denim belongs on scarves and in jewelry, too. That’s why two years ago, with the invaluable help of my husband, Cleveland, I (finally) embarked on a dream I’ve had for nearly a decade. We began creating one-of-a-kind infinity scarves, made lovingly, painstakingly and one at a time with recycled denim.

Having watched his mom work magic with her sewing machine when he was little, Cleveland knew just how to make my fashion dreams come true. Each piece goes through a unique eight-step process. They are hand-distressed, washed, trimmed and pressed. They are washable and the fraying of the denim after each wash merely adds to the character of the scarf. Trim off the excess strings or leave them just as nature intended. 

For the fashion connoisseur bold enough to take a chance on one of these, the reward is having a couture fashion accessory that could never be wrapped or draped the same way twice. They are a fun way to add style and edginess to your favorite go-to blues, but they sure do clean up nicely when paired with your favorite dress.  

I once read a quote that has stayed in my soul: "In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world." And, if I had to guess, I'd say this is the right denim.  So, go get the world, girl.