I'll never forget being 24 years old, standing in Antwerp, Belgium, a city that had never been on my radar, caught in the gaze of a beautiful, old, gothic cathedral. Its spires were haunting, almost aggressive, and altogether lovely.

That sweet old town caught me by surprise, as its old castles and cobblestone streets told stories of people and time periods I had never met. The port city, resting alongside the River Scheldt, was mysterious and enchanting.

It's no wonder Antwerp stayed nestled in my soul so many years later, when I stumbled on these filigree bead caps that had an air of familiarity about them. I had searched for the right element to top these glorious recycled sea glass beads for years before they found their way to me. The moment the bead and the cap connected, it was clear what had inspired them all along. The city of Antwerp hadn't finished with me yet.